Week one status update:

This is harder then I thought it would be. I have definitely had ups and downs this week. I felt pretty lazy over the weekend not doing much in the way of physical activity eating poorly, not getting together with people and not attending church on Sunday. But during the week I stepped up my game and felt better. I biked to and from work (I even invested in a new fancy bike for myself) I opted to look into some challenging physical activities to push myself I enjoyed engaging with friends and co-workers and I have been praying consistently. So definitely a roller coaster but it’s a slow change not one I’m sure I can say I’ve noticed anything significant as of yet.

A goal allows me an incremental way to mark my progress and gives me something to strive towards. However with this being said I am not a highly goal driven, goal oriented person. So I need to come up with a goal that is fluid and adapts to my lifestyle and how I interpret success. So all of my goals become fluid, not fixated and are made up of things I can feel and sense but do not need to meticulously track.

Physical Goal

My physical goal is to feel and look better. Achieving this with a fluid goal can be tricky but I have a strategy…

I plan to take weekly photos of myself as a comparison of where my body is at. I also plan to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that will allow my body to feel good and function at a higher level. This means higher metabolism, more energy, better sleep and improved performance within the activities I perform.

Emotional Goal

To be more up beat and positive

This one is a little harder to monitor due to the fact that I am your classic hormonal female so for this one I will be relying on others. The way I treat and respond around others is often directly related to my current mood and attitude. The more fun and more pleasant I am the better my emotional state is. The more I want to get out and do things and see people the better I am feeling. So I plan to gauge my success with this goal based on the amount of time I want to spend out and about and my stress level/attitude while I’m interacting in a social environment.

Spiritual Goal

To listen to what God is saying and respond.

To me this goal can not be fluid. To truly listen and respond to God is not an optional thing that I can judge based on how often I hear him or how often I want to hear him. It’s a sense of awareness for his promptings. I plan to try and monitor and gauge this by  writing about it. This allows me a recollection through my days and weeks for how well I’m maintaining an open door policy between myself and God.



Making a Goal

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